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Learn how to winterize your RV with this helpful home video

RV expert Mark Polk shows you step by step how to winterize your RV's water system and prepare the RV for winter storage

By Chuck Woodbury, editor
Host Mark Polk

Do you know how to prepare your RV for winter? Chances are you know something about it. But chances are good that not knowing enough about it might end up costing you a bundle in repair bills if you don't prepare your RV properly.

Mark Polk is an expert on RVs — how to use them, and how to care from them. In this video he shows the right way to prepare your RV for cold winter temperatures and how to store it for extended periods without causing it harm.

Depending upon the RV "expert" you talk to, there are several methods of winterizing an RV. Polk's goal is to show you the easiest and most effective way. Viewers who follow his step-by-step process will ensure that their RV is in good shape and ready to hit the road the following spring.

Polk begins by explaining how an RV's water system works, and how to get every drip of water out of it for winter storage. There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to do this, and the wrong way can spell disaster. A frozen
Little books, Tons of info!
Motorhomes Made Easy and Trailers Made Easy are two small but powerfully imformative books that provide a ton of information about how to operate a motorhome or trailer (or fifth wheel) properly. At only $8.95 each, they are a bargain, and make a wonderful addition to a new RVers learning library. Order them when you order an RV 101 Education video and you will have all your bases covered. Learn more.
hot water tank, for example, if exposed to cold temperatures can freeze and burst, "a $500 repair bill," explains Polk.

Polk shows how to use an air compressor to rid a rig of water, but recommends another method, using antifreeze. But not car antifreeze, he stresses, but a special potion brewed especially for RVs.

He explains what to do with an RV's inline RV filter, how to drain a hot water tank, what to do with the toilet and waste water tanks, and how to find and open a low point drain. He shows how an inexpensive bypass kit can help make subsequent winterizing jobs go much faster.

Once the water system is ready for winter, Polk shows you how to prepare the rest of the rig for either storage and/or cold temperatures. He shows what to do with an awning and locks, and how to prepare the LP gas system. And he points out the pros and cons of leaving the deep cell batteries in the RV or taking them out for storage elsewhere.

I thought I knew quite a bit about preparing an RV for the winter, but after viewing this video, I realized I knew very little.

This video is aimed at RVers who don't travel with their RVs in the winter months. It will be most helpful to RVers who live in cold climates. RVers who do not live in cold climates or who use their RVs throughout the year really don't need this video.

But for the thousands upon thousands of RVers who will be putting their RVs to rest for the long winter, this video has much to offer and could very well save an RV owner some repair bills in the spring when it's time to once again hit the road.

And, Polk points out, "Anyone can winterize an RV in the comfort of their own front yard."

Order the video for $24.95.

Other videos by Mark Polk

RV education 101: Learn how to operate your RV!
Here are two superb, 75-minute VHS home videos that explain all you need to know to operate everything on your motorhome or towable RV. Learn how to operate all appliances, how to dump holding tanks, hook up at a campground, level a rig, set up an awning, and more. Learn about electrical, propane and fresh water systems, how to properly load an RV, how much weight you can handle, and how to operate an RV without utility hookups. Two editions: Class A Motorhome (equally helpful to Class C and Class B rigs) and Trailer and Fifth Wheel. A huge amount of information for only $26.95 each.

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