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Winnebago Industries offers new motorhome lineup for 2002

Read update of 2003 models

Winnebago Industries, Inc. has continued its emphasis on new product development, introducing an innovative motor home lineup of Winnebago, Itasca, Rialta and Ultimate motor homes for 2002.

Winnebago Industries’ innovative new products for 2002 include the introduction of four brand new products, the Class A Winnebago Sightseer and Itasca Sunova and the Class C Winnebago Vista and Itasca Sunstar. In total, 65 percent of Winnebago Industries model lineup is brand new for 2002.

Along with the expansion of product offerings, Winnebago Industries has provided more features as standard equipment, as well as a continued emphasis on increasing usable interior space with greater utilization of slideouts and dual slideouts for the Company’s 2002 product offerings. While all Winnebago Industries’ Class A products feature slideouts, slideouts are also now included in 82 percent of the company’s entire product lineup. Also, all of Winnebago Industries’ Class A diesel lineup and 83 percent of the Company’s total Class A products feature two slideouts, while 24 percent of the Company’s Class C models are now dual slides as well.

Class C Offerings

Winnebago Industries, the top selling Class C manufacturer since 1998, continues to expand its Class C models lineup for 2002.

The brand new Winnebago Vista and Itasca Sunstar Class C motor homes are unique, fuel-efficient motor homes built on the front-wheel-drive 7,275 lb. gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) Volkswagen chassis. Built in the classic Class C design, the Vista and Sunstar provide a multitude of sleeping areas, a full galley and a bathroom area with wardrobe in a compact 21-foot size.

The 2002 Rialta is also built on the front-wheel-drive Volkswagen chassis. The new 2.8L VR6+ engine featured in 2002 increases the Rialta’s horsepower to 201hp, a 44 percent increase from the VR6 previously offered. The Rialta is available in three models with four 22-foot floorplan options, each maximizing space without sacrificing comfort.

Multiple sleeping areas, slideout availability for expanded living areas and basement storage are all key ingredients to making the Winnebago Minnie and Itasca Spirit motor homes idea for family trips. The Minnie and Spirit each provide excellent entry-level value, with seven models to choose from ranging from 22 to 31 feet in length. Two new models join the lineup for 2002, the 24F with a front slideout and the 29B with both a front lounge and rear bedroom slideout.

The Winnebago Minnie Winnie and Itasca Sundancer lines each feature three, widebody models for 2002. Featuring below floor construction, box-fold style valance doors and a curved fiberglass roof, the Minnie Winnie and Sundancer are designed with Class A features, yet have the conveniences of a Class C. Ranging from 27 to 31-feet in length, the 27P and the new 30V each offer two slideout rooms. The 27P features a refrigerator/dinette slideout, while the 30V features a galley/dinette slideout and the 31C features a dinette/couch slideout. The 27P and 30V models also feature a rear bed slideout, large bedroom wardrobe with drawers and a convenient desk/vanity area.

Class A Offerings

Winnebago Industries also continues to expand its offerings of Class A motor homes, all of which feature slideouts in 2002.

Brand new for 2002, the Winnebago Sightseer and Itasca Sunova offer outstanding value, quality construction and comfort at an affordable price. These entry-level, wide-body, basement-style Class A models are available in 27- and 30-foot models and feature many standard features typically found as options on competitive coaches in this price class. The Sightseer and Sunova 27C models feature a unique dinette/refrigerator and pantry slideout, while the 30B models have a dinette/couch slideout. The 27C model utilizes the 14,800-lb. GVWR Workhorse chassis, while the 30B model is available with the standard 18,000-lb. GVWR Ford chassis, or the optional 18,000-lb. GVWR Workhorse chassis. The attractive exterior features a durable fiberglass skin, attractive graphics and large storage compartments with box-fold one-piece doors like those typically found on more expensive motor homes.

The Winnebago Brave and Itasca Sunrise have been repositioned to a higher appointment and feature level in 2002. Ranging from 30- to 36-feet in length, three of the four models (32V, 34D and 36M) are brand new for 2002 and feature both a dinette/couch slideout and a 30-inch bedroom slideout room for increased living space, while the 30W model features a functional L-shaped galley/dinette slideout.

Winnebago Industries believes the ever-popular Winnebago Adventurer and Itasca Suncruiser“ models remain as the most user-friendly motor homes on the market today. Ranging in size from 30- to 37-feet in length, three of the four models in each line are new for 2002 and feature dual slideouts.

Winnebago Industries continued its expansion in the diesel pusher market as well. The Winnebago Journey series is Winnebago Industries’ entry-level diesel pusher product. Three of the four Journey models are new for 2002 and all feature dual slideouts. Ranging in length from 32- to 36-feet, the Journey is built on the 26,850 lb. GVWR Freightliner chassis with 275 hp Cummins engine and 5-speed MH 1000 Allison transmission.

Available in five models (four are new for 2002) ranging in length from 32- to 39-feet in length, the Journey DL is built on the 26,850 lb. GVWR Freightliner chassis with 330 hp Caterpillar diesel engine, 6-speed Allison transmission, rear radiator and Jacobs Extarder exhaust brake. The 32TD model offers a 300 hp Cummins engine and 6-speed transmission.

The Itasca Horizon features four models in 32-foot and 38-foot lengths, three of which are new for 2002. All of the Horizon models feature both front slideout room extensions as well as rear bedroom slides. The Itasca Horizon models are also built on the Freightliner 26,850 lb. GVWR chassis with a 330 hp Caterpillar engine and 6-speed transmission. The 32TD model offers a 300 hp Cummins engine and 6-speed transmission.

Offering increased horsepower and GVWR in 2002, Winnebago Industries’ premium diesel pusher Ultimate Advantage line is now based on the 32,000-lb. GVWR Spartan chassis with a 330 hp Caterpillar diesel engine. The Ultimate Advantage is available in four models, three of which are new for 2002. The Ultimate Advantage features dual slides, a side radiator, independent front suspension, hydraulic leveling jacks and a Bi-Directional Isolator Relay Delay‘, which charges both batteries when either one is being used. Also in 2002, the trailer hitch was increased from 5,000 to 10,000 pounds.

Winnebago Industries’ top-of-the-line Ultimate Freedom is built on the 32,000 lb. GVWR Spartan Mountain Master GT chassis. Increased from 350 hp to 370 hp the Ultimate Freedom features a Cummins diesel engine, independent front suspension, side radiator and 6-speed Allison transmission. The Freedom also features the Bi-Directional Isolator Relay Delay. The Ultimate Freedom has two new floorplans for 2002, the 40JD and new 40WD. Both of these models feature a galley/sofa slideout in the front lounge area and unique rear chest of drawer slide in the bedroom with a 19-inch color TV with remote mounted above for optimal viewing.

The 2002 Ultimate Advantage and Ultimate Freedom offer numerous new conveniences such as a remote doorbell, global positioning system, and the new SmartWheel steering wheel. This innovative steering wheel includes controls for the windshield wipers, ICC courtesy blink and cruise control.

Working with Spartan Custom Chassis, Winnebago Industries’ designers utilize the Company’s Ulti-Bay‘ chassis design for the Ultimate Advantage and Ultimate Freedom, providing major efficiencies in terms of material use and storage space utilization.

Spartan provides the front and rear sections of the chassis, while Winnebago Industries completes the mid-section structure of the chassis and body with tall, extremely spacious storage compartments in the area normally claimed by chassis rails. The Ulti-Bay design centralizes exterior storage and provides a tremendous increase in storage space – up to 203 cubic feet of exterior storage space is available. The Ulti-Bay design also provides a consistent location for important components such as the electrical and water service centers, generator, etc.

New Winnebago Industries Motor Home Features

Finally, there’s an electric slideout that meets Winnebago Industries high quality standards. The DigiSync dual-arm slide system from Kwikee is new to select Winnebago Industries products for 2002. Designed exclusively for Winnebago Industries with the help of the company’s engineers, this new concept in slideout room design is a dual arm slide system that digitally synchronizes both slideout arms as they smoothly extend and retract to automatically square up the slideout room. The Kwikee DigiSync Electric Slide is featured in the Winnebago Minnie Class and Itasca Spirit Class C motor homes and the new Winnebago Sightseer and Itasca Sunova Class A motor homes.

Most 2002 models also feature the new RV Radio. Designed by Winnebago Industries’ engineers and the manufacturer exclusively for RV usage, the customized RV Radio features an AM/FM radio, cassette and CD, as well as weatherband so users can check the weather whenever and wherever they are traveling. The large knobs and easy to read display makes this innovative cassette/CD/radio the first of its kind in the industry.

A unique new dining table/computer desk is available for 2002 in the Winnebago Journey DL, Itasca Horizon, Ultimate Advantage and Ultimate Freedom models. The dining table easily extends to seat four people comfortably, while an adjacent cabinet provides additional storage for computer equipment or supplies.

A rave success when introduced last year, the Rest Easy Multi-Position Lounge is now available on many of Winnebago Industries motor homes. Designed exclusively by Winnebago Industries, Rest Easy looks like a normal couch, but after pressing the electric switch, it turns into a cozy lounger with ottoman. Press the switch again, and it’s a comfortable bed. Variations of the Rest Easy are available in most Winnebago, Itasca and Ultimate models.

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