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The Truth About Toilet Paper and Your RV
Russ and Tiņa DeMaris

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Before shaking: Two sheets of our choice.
Among the many mysteries into which new RVers must be initiated are the not-so-sacred rights of the rolling biffy. It's tough enough for some to get the hang of having to step on a pedal to flush the pot, much less to learn that there's often two pedals: One to fill the bowl with water, the other to make it all go away. Then just complicate the process: "What kind of toilet paper do we buy?"

Nobody wants a clogged terlit. And eager-beaver RV salesmen may be all too happy to sell you the answer to that nightmare: Special RV toilet paper, "that dissolves rapidly to help prevent clogs." Hey, wait a minute--I thought most all toilet paper dissolved rapidly. And that's the trick: Most toilet paper really does dissolve when it comes into contact with water.

After shaking: Toilet paper definitely disintegrating.
Still, if you're worried about your choice of potty paper, here's the test. Take a jar, fill it with water. Put a couple of sheets of your favorite brand inside. Toss the lid on the jar, and do the James Bond Toilet Paper Martini Test: Shake it, don't stir.  After a a few seconds of rigorous agitation stop and examine the results. If the toilet paper has begun to disintegrate, it's good enough for your RV holding tank.

This test is effective for single ply and two ply papers. And for the most part, we think you'll find that most off-the-grocer's shelf TP will pass the test just fine. So why trade in your comfort, or your economics, for the expensive junk from the RV supply house shelf? The real gig, if you're worried about clogging your holding tank is not so much the toilet paper you use, but how you handle your holding tank's special dumping needs. And that topic friends, will be handled in our next episode: How to Dump Your RV Tank.

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