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Using Your RV : Tips & tricks

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Spend more time camping: Organize your Stuff
By Jerry (RiverGuy) Brown

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RVers carry a lot of tools and accessories. The list varies somewhat depending on what type of rig you have, but a lot of them are common to most of us. For example, we all use water hoses, filters and pressure regulators, and we all carry sewage lines and connectors. Other common tools include awning pulls, tire irons and manual cranks for jacks, slides and spares.

And we use some or all of these things nearly every time we hit the road, especially setting up and taking down camp. If your tools are organized and easily accessible, these activities become routine. But if you have to dig and poke around to find your tools, setting up or taking down can be frustrating and time consuming.

Velcro straps hold hoses & tire iron
The old adage "a place for everything" really applies. Most RVs include built in storage for sewage hoses, but after that it's pretty much up to each owner to decide how to organize their stuff. Many RVers end up with stacks of storage boxes and the like, with various tools and accessories stored among them. This system works alright for many items, but for some commonly used items, attaching them to storage compartment doors can make them very handy.

Broom clasps hold frequently used tools
For example, it's easy to fasten nylon Velcro straps to a door and hang coiled hoses so they are convenient and they dry readily. Other tools such as manual cranks or awning pulls can be attached using broom closet clasps. Don't overlook storage compartment sidewalls for possible tool storage using clasps or Velcro straps.

So take a little time to make places for everything. You'll be more efficient and have more time for enjoying the camping life.

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