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First-time family RV trip tips
Russ and Tina DeMaris

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RV holidays are fantastic for family trips away because of the freedom and flexibility they give. It can be quite daunting for those who are thinking about taking their young children away on an RV trip for the first time, but it really is a great experience.

Surviving a trip on the road with the kids isn't as hard as you think. Kids love an adventure as well as being able to feel secure and on an RV holiday. There's the best of both worlds as they can take their favorite toys and games as well as have their home comforts, which is often restricted with flights and hotels.

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Even though RV trips are a great choice, they should always be planned in advance to maximize a holiday and avoid cabin fever. It's tempting to take everything with you, but don't over-pack as items like clothing can take up a lot of room. Plan well to suit all weathers and make room for the fun stuff like wetsuits, racquets and games.

As well as planning what to take, it's also a good idea to make back-up plans for when the weather isn't great. You can't always get the BBQ out or cook our own food and enjoy an alfresco meal, especially when traveling around some areas. Before you head off, research the local restaurants in case of the rain.

It's also worth looking at the local area and making a list of places you would like to visit. The kids could also have an input of what they would like to see, but be careful not to over plan. One of the best things about RV holidays is the sense of freedom and once you get to your destination, you may want to explore more or go somewhere different.

Because of traveling with children, it's always best to check your campsite is child-friendly and has plenty of activities to keep them occupied on-site. Having a child-friendly environment for your kids will give you peace of mind compared to setting up in the wilderness, especially if it's your first RV holiday with the kids.

RV holidays are worth the effort and if a plan or schedule is in place, then you'll have an enjoyable and relaxing break The end goal is to spend quality time with your family and make wonderful memories with your children so most of all, remember to enjoy yourself.

SOURCE: Comfort Insurance news release

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