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RV Buying Advice : Accessories/Options

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Which RV floor plan is best for you?
By Mark Polk

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The following advice is from Mark Polk's book Insider's Guide to Buying an RV.

When shopping for an RV you will quickly discover that there are many available floor plans. Some were designed with two people in mind and others with six or eight people in mind. There are floor plans with front bedrooms and others with rear bedrooms. There are split bathrooms, with the shower on one side and the sink and toilet on the other side, and bathrooms where everything is located together. There are walk-through bathrooms where everything is located together. There  are walk-through bathrooms where you must walk through the bathroom to get to another room. There are floor plans with no slide outs and others with multiple slide outs. There are center kitchens, front kitchens and rear kitchens.

Learn more about buying an RV in Mark Polk's Insider's Guide to Buying an RV.
I think by now you get the point. Find the floor plan that works best for you and how you plan to use the RV. If you find a floor plan you like ask to see it with the slide outs in the stored positions. Can you still walk through the RV and access everything when the slide outs are in? Will this be a concern when you are traveling?

If you find a particular RV that you like but the floor plan is not exactly what you wanted, look in the manufacturer brochure for optional floor plan arrangements. In many cases there will be a different bedroom, kitchen or other configuration available. The dealer will be happy to order the RV configured the way you like it. This will involve a waiting period until the unit can be built and shipped, but it can be well worth the wait to get it the way you want it. In some cases it may be possible for the dealership to call their manufacturer sales representative to try to locate one already built the way you want it.

Keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to find a perfect floor plan with everything exactly the way you want it and where you want it. RVs are designed with stringent weight requirements and other space and size considerations. Find a floor plan that will work for you and your family. I guarantee there is one out there for you.

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