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Overcoming the "willies" when shopping for your first RV
If you're thinking about buying your first RV, you'll be excused if you have a bit of "the willies." After all, buying an RV means spending a fair amount of cash, and for first-timers, it's a whole new world. Here's some collective wisdom from seasoned RVers about buying your first RV, and associated thinking.

New RVer asks: Can I use my RV when it's winterized?
An new RVer has his rig winterized meaning the plumbing lines free of water, holding tanks cleared everything ready for below freezing weather. But his rig is parked on a nice piece of property a perfect winter campsite. It seemed a shame to him to just leave the rig alone all winter. Was there some way he could still use his RV without running a risk of damaging the plumbing system?

Use your senses when RVing
If you're an RVer of the male gender, listen up. We're often blamed for having no sense, but this time, let's talk about something other than "common sense," but rather those eyes, ears, and noses, and more. Using the various senses can keep us out of trouble when RVing, and can save you a lot of cash.


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